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Anti-Acne Facial

  • Treats active acne

  • Calms breakouts

  • Kills bacteria on the skin

Get Anti-Acne Facials in Austin Texas

Artistry of Facial Aesthetics

How Do Anti-Acne Facials Work?

The Anti-Acne Facial is the perfect facial to treat active acne on the face, back or chest area. This treatment utilizes acne fighting and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help treat acne and repair the skin. Treating active acne early on is key to preventing permanent scarring. Developing the proper at home skin care regimen is attainable when working with a licensed medical professional.

The Anti-Acne treatment includes our Celluma LED Therapy to kill bacteria on the skin and regulate sebum production. This treatment also combines, exfoliation, extractions and an anti-inflammatory CBD serum to reduce your breakouts and decrease inflammation.

This treatment is quick, painless, and with zero downtime. For active acne, we recommend one session a week for 3 weeks, then once a month until there is a decrease in active breakouts. Our add-on cryo ice facial can be paired with this treatment, if needed, to help create flawless skin.