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Lipoden “Skinny Shot”

Lipotropic shots are primarily designed to achieve healthy weight management goals by providing the body with essential amino acids, vitamins, and other micronutrients.

  • Reduces stored fat

  • Increases natural metabolism and energy

  • Improve mood and mental clarity

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How does Lipoden work?

On a daily basis we consume many of these ingredients as part of diet, but when given in a calculated formula form with no oral absorption concerns it can add to the more targeted approach for weight loss assistance when medically supervised.

This list of ingredients with mechanisms of action may help you understand the objective of their selection and potential use. There should always be a comprehensive approach taken when it comes to weight management. Healthy dietary habits, exercise, meditation (stress management) and work-life balance all are equally valuable for a healthy and well-maintained life.

Some of the benefits of Lipoden injections are:

  • – Reduces stored fat
  • – Increases natural metabolism
  • Increases energy
  • Improves liver and gallbladder functioning and detoxification
  • Preserves lean muscle
  • Improve mood and mental clarity

Lipoden injections include several vitamins and compounds that combine to provide a solution that is proven effective for weight loss. These ingredients include the following:

  • Vitamin B12
    • This vitamin is essential for fat metabolism.
    • Supports the detoxification of steroid hormones such as estrogens, organic compounds (phenols), and heavy metals (arsenic)
    • Involved in balancing brain chemicals (catecholamines; dopamine and epinephrine).
  • Vitamin B6
    • This vitamin is shown to help the body use carbohydrates and proteins as energy.
    • The purpose of having B-Vitamins in the lipotropic formula is it assist with the following goals:
      Effective cellular energy production
    • Increase metabolism rate
    • Removal of toxins from the body by participating in phase I liver detox
    • The most potent antioxidant.
    • Assist the body in the elimination of reactive toxins, and improve collagen synthesis and immune function.
  • BCAAs
    • Branched-Chain Amino Acids- These essential amino acids are shown to build muscle within the body.
    • Support healthy sugar levels & reduce sweets cravings.
  • L-carnitine
    • This amino acid is linked to turning body fat into energy.
  • MISC- Methionine, Inositol, and Choline
    • Methionine- This essential amino acid helps defend the body against toxic substances.
    • Inositol- This chemical is used in the breakdown of fat compounds.
    • Choline- Choline is essential for proper liver function and fat metabolism.