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Restylane® Kysse

RESTYLANE® KYSSE is for lip augmentation and for correction of wrinkles around the mouth. The first lip filler with XpresHAn Technology™️ for natural looking volume and Kysse-able lips!

  • lip augmentation

  • correction of wrinkles around the mouth

  • soft and supple lips

Get Restylane® Kysse in Austin Texas

Artistry of Facial Aesthetics

How Does Restylane® Kysse Work?

When injecting the mouth area it’s imperative to keep it natural looking with precise, predictable results.

Keeping the lips and surrounding area soft and supple is crucial. The lips must move naturally while talking, chewing, kissing, etc. The art of injected lips and vertical lines around the mouth is nobody should notice the subtle enhancement!

A topical numbing will be applied during your treatment and the Restylane® Kysse syringe is infused with lidocaine for optimum comfort. The treatment is well tolerated with minimal to no downtime. Restylane® Kysse lasts up to 1 year depending, so this is when re-treatment can be expected.